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About Gunny Sauces

“When you want to make good food taste great, Grab A Gunny!”

Gunny grew up in a New York home where meals and condiments were made from scratch. This has made Gunny a foodie. From his family making sweet jelly to spicy horseradish, he has always put some kind of sauce on his food. After moving from the East Coast to the Southwest region and seeing that many spices were used in a lot of dishes, he wanted to start a business and share his passion of sauces for all foods. The ingredients had to be organic and flavorful, just like at home. Hence, Gunny Sauces, LLC was created.

All Gunny Sauces are manufactured in a kosher facility in Phoenix, Arizona. Our sauces are all natural, organic and have the freshest ingredients. We pride ourselves in making amazing flavors in each bottle. We currently offer seven flavors. The five-ounce bottles are Garlic, Jamaican Jerk, and Habanero. Our 12 oz. bottles are Raspberry Peppercorn Chipotle and Orange Ginger. Our 17 oz. is our So. Style MOP barbeque sauce. Our last flavor is Sriracha Teriyaki in a 20 oz. bottle. We offer flavors with no heat, mild, medium and hot. We create the right amount of heat for every kind of palate.